Tired of software projects running out of time, quality, and budget?

We make it different

Tired of software projects running out of time, quality, and budget?

We make it different

Bonsay is an exclusive network of...

Top-level DevOps experts

Bonsay professionals are carefully vetted, tested, and certified.

All of them are ready to help you with solving complex infrastructure challenges.

Enterprise-grad developement teams

Our crews of top-level software development experts are thoroughly selected and fully managed.

They are qualified to help you with the most complex and challenging
software projects.

We guarantee a risk-free trial period for all our services

Successful IT project consists of well-established goals, efficient processes, and putting together the best people.

Top-level talents

In Bonsay network every talent is
rigorously tested and vetted
through the screening process.

Their professional and personal
growth is our constant

Focus on efficiency

We utilize the most efficient and
proven project management,
analysis, UX, software development,
and QA standards.

Delivery Success Manager is
dedicated to each project what
ensures excellent service.

Carefully selected customers and projects

If all you have is a hammer,
everything looks like a nail.

Usage of our talents, knowledge, and
skills for a clear and measurable goal
is one of the most important values.

Bonsay network Talents

Victor Maslovsky

Victor Maslovsky

Senior Mobile Developer

Victor is a full-stack mobile developer with more than 6 years of professional experience. He excels in mobile development using technologies like Flutter and React Native.

During the last years, he designed and built several enterprise-grade mobile applications for Construction, Banking and Tourism industries.

Victor does 500 working hours in month easily.

Maya Matveenko

Maya Matveenko

UI/UX designer

Maya is a UI/UX designer with more than 6 years of experience in design, user experience, interaction design, and visual identity across a broad range of industries.

She has developed brand identities and designed new applications from scratch for Banking, Education, Customer Service and Traveling industries.

Andres Gavriljuk

Andres Gavriljuk

CEO/Senior Business Analyst

Andres is a passionate technologist and successful startup executive with 10+ years of experience leading business analytics, product management and software development teams.

He focuses on process automation, lean methodology, prototyping and SaaS platforms.

Alexander Kovalchuk

Alexander Kovalchuk

Senior Front-end developer

Alexander is a highly efficient and reliable IT expert who possesses a broad skill set for Front-end application development.

During the last 6 years, he’s been working on a range of enterprise-grade products and solutions mainly for Banks and other Financial organisations. He is proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJs and Redux technologies.

Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Alexander has been a professional developer for 11 years. He is proficient in Java, Angular, React and .Net technologies.

Most recently, he’s been focusing on FinTech and Business process automation projects. He has designed and developed complex software systems and done multiple complex integrations between applications written on various technologies.

Lavrenti Tsudakov

Lavrenti Tsudakov

COO/Senior Project Manager

Lavrenti is a veteran senior project manager and technology delivery with more than 13 years of professional experience. He specializes in delivering technologies and transforming business processes in financial services.

Lavrenti has leveraged strong communication and problem-solving skills to successfully manage complex and large technology projects that deliver business value.

Customer reviews that prove our quality


Bonsay team did an amazing job building and launching an Android and iOS travelling app for us in just 6 months. The work was stellar, the communication was very seamless.

Diego Paramo
Manager, EestiGo


Bonsay provided reasonable and good competence service to us, helping to cover business-critical IT platform functions. We are happy with the quality of the provided services and looking forward to cooperate further.


Kimmo Rytkönen
Founder & CEO @ Income

Top-level talents and teams are in a high demand